Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ovarian Cancer Battle

Ovarian Cancer Battle

It was on a journey with my daughter, who was recovering from surgery for Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer, to the pH Miracle Healing Center in Southern California that I learned lessons for life. It was a life and death journey. My daughter had cysts the size of a grapefruit and the size of an orange, a foot of her colon removed, her appendix removed and bladder tumors. The surgeon did an excellent job removing the tumors. But, I lost my 41 year-old son in February...I did not want to lose another child.
We arrived late at the ranch, and as we got out of the car we could actually see stars. The guest house was enchanting. They had a green salad for both of us and also a refrigerator loaded with containers of green juice and additional jars of fresh almond milk. The goal was to make my daughter's blood and tissues more alkaline, because cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment.
The next morning we were up early for the exercise class. Since Shari was only six weeks away from the extensive six-hour surgery and her abdominal muscles were still tender, I wondered how she would do and watched her every move. It was me, her aging mother, who had to work to keep up with strenuous cardio and yoga exercises. It's important to exercise to break up the acids in your body and to get the lymph system going. Shari, a fitness instructer, kept up, but modified the stomach exercises. After class she was invigorated. I was still puffing.
Next, we all sat down to a breakfast of avacado shakes made with almond milk, cucumber, coconut meat, and fresh coconut water. There were green drinks made with spinach, celery, and cucumber and you could drink as much green juice as you wanted.
I was amazed at the stories from other patients..a mother who had a tumor larger than a golf ball, and in three weeks it was gone. Even after the x-rays her doctor would not believe it and wanted to redo the x-rays. An oncologist who had stage 4 pancreatic cancer was now in remission after being on the alkaline diet for six months.
For lunch there were vegetable soups made by gently frying onions and garlic for about five minutes, then adding a small amount of water, then a crown of broccoli, a half bunch of asparagus, a few chunks of cauliflower, and yellow squash, sea salt and spices to taste (no pepper). I like lots of dill and some basil. This is brought to a gentle boil, simmered for about twenty minutes, cooled between twenty minutes to an hour, then poured into a blender and vita mixer, and mixed to a creamy soup.
After six days I had lost six pounds, my daughter lost about ten, but even more than that the white yeast cells or maybe caner markers were cut in half. Tomography and ultra sound showed no tumors.
We both continued on the diet after we came home from the ranch, and in two weeks I had lost ten pounds. 1. Eat alkaline--avocado shakes 2. Drink lots of green drinks and water. celery 4-5 stalks, 2 cucumbers, 1/2 bag of spinach. 3. Green soups
At the present time, my daughters cancer marker is low and she is recovering. It is truly a miracle.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Brain Cancer--the fight of her life

Fighting the Battle of Her Life

Dreams of Trisha Thurber, a young adult who had just bought her first home near Day Break, stopped abruptly almost two years ago when she discovered she had inoperable brain cancer.

Trisha started having trouble with her vision in November 2010. “When my head moved, my vision moved<” she said. “I had double vision. Then my mouth started going numb on the left side.”

“When I went to the doctor, he sent me to an opthalmologist who found nothing wrong with my eyes. He sent me to a neurologist who thought that I had M.S. or a tumor.

I had an MRI and from there I went to another doctor who specialized in M.S. It was not M.S...”

After making the round of doctors Trisha finally ended up at Huntsman Cancer Center and at the time they didn’t think it was a tumor, but by March she was throwing up, her double vision was worse and she was really sick. Her job wanted her to go out of town but she was too sick to go.

She went back to the neurologist who did another MRI and after finding out the results, said he had an opening for surgery in a few days. In April she had her first surgery---it was a grade 3 Anna Plastic Astrocytoma. Yes, brain cancer—inoperable.

In May she started chemotherapy and seven weeks of radiation with the severe nausea and vomiting that sometimes accompanies these treatments. . Chemo was five days on and 23 days off for She lost her hair, had to wear a patch over her eye and eventually quit her job. She had to move in with her mother.

She had an MRI every month and the original tumor stayed stable. But in April of 2012 her eye sight was worse. The MRI showed a growth in the front of her brain and in May of 2012 she courageously had another brain surgery. It was also inoperable. In June she underwent eye surgery but it wasn’t helpful.

In October, she is scheduled to have additional surgery but medial bills are mounting.
Her neighbors have scheduled a fund raising 5K run for her on September 29, 2012. Go to for more information and to find out how you can help.

February 3, 2013
Trisha has now been in the hospital for 3 1/2 weeks. The radiation that she had caused damage to her jaws and last November she was started having a difficult time chewing, eating or talking. Whe was unable to eat and they placed a feeding tube in her stomach, but then she developed pneumonia, was starting to get better, but now she has a new pneumonia that is making it difficult for her to breathe.