Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Overcoming Addictions Using Kundalini Yoga

Breaking Addiction by Rearranging Your Subcoscious Mind

Sometimes the drive to use drugs, alcohol, overeat or other addictive practices in our lives is an attempt to change one's consciousness or fill an inner emptiness.
As the negative behavior continues, negative neural pathways are actually created in the brain, leading to addictions that are hard to break.
In the book, "Kundalini Yoga," by by Shaktu Parwha Kaur Khalsa, there is a meditation that helps rearrange the subconscious mind and negative neural pathways.
According to Khalsa,imbalance in the area below the pineal gland upsets the pulsating radiance that regulates the pituitary gland. Since he pituitary regulates the rest of the glandular system, the entire body and mind go out of balance when the pineal gland is dormant. It is imbalance in this area that makes mental and physical addiction almost unbreakable. This meditation corrects the problem. It is excellent for everyone but has been particulary effective for rehabilitation efforts in drug and alcohol dependence, pornography, mental illness and phobic conditions.
Begin by writing down the mantra "SA TA NA MA," in large letters. Practice chanting the rhythm. Tape the mantra on the wall in front of you. Sit in a comfortable place and make sure the first six lower vertabrae are locked forward. Make fists or both hands and extend the thumbs out straight.Place your thumbs on the temples where there is a small indentation about and inch beyond the eyebrows The pressure exerted by the thumbs triggers a rhythmic reflex current directly under the stem of the pineal gland.
Lock the back molars together and keep the lips closed.Vibrate the jaw muscles by alternating the pressure on the back molars with the rhythm of SA TA NA MA. A muscle will move underneath the thumbs. Feel it massage the thumbs and apply a firm pressure with the hands. You shoul also feel the roof of your mouth vibrate. Continue 5 to 7 minutes, working up to 30 minutes over a period of daily pratice sessions.
Make a chart to check off this daily routine and how many minutes a day you
are performing this meditation. Human habit patterns are set or broken in 40 day-day cycles. More deeply ingrained patterns may take longerto correct.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Emotional Freedom Technique, a quick overview

EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT can be used to lose weight, reduce fear, anxiety, and heal the body and spirit.

Verbally measure your pain, fear, anxiety, or whatever problem you have on a scale of one to ten. Ten is feeling really bad, one is very mild.

Find the tender spot about a hands width below the neck and at the end of fingers. It is just above the armpit (about two inches over) and about three or four inches to the inside of your body above your breast bone. Press or massage this spot (the spot will be tender) with your fingers as you say--

1.Now, say, “Even though I am in pain,” I truly love and accept myself.”

2.Begin tapping seven times each, start above the eyebrow.

3.Below the eye

4.Below the nose

5. Below the lips

6. On your side, under your arm pit, about where the bottom of your bra strap will be for women.

7.Find the spot on your hand between your little finger and ring finger and about one inch up between the fingers and tap there as you

8.Move your eyes to the right as you tap seven times

9.Move your eyes to the left as you tap seven times

10.Move your eyes in a rotating circle around your nose to the right

11.Then eyes to the left in a rotating circle

12.Then close your eyes and tap seven times

13.Open your eyes and tap

14.Sing happy birthday as you tap seven times

15.Count to five as you tap

16.Sing happy birthday again

17. Tap to the left of the sore spot

Now measure your pain, or fear –or whatever else on a scale of one to ten. If it hasn’t improved, repeat the tapping process and measure again, on a scale of one to ten.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Keeping Love Alive in Marriage

Marriage –Keeping Love Alive

From the book Five Love Languages
A brief review.

How do you keep love alive in marriage?

Five Love Languages:

1. Words of affirmation

Mark Twain once said, “I can live two months on a good compliment.
Use words that build up. Look for the good and avoid finding fault.

The object of love is not getting something you want, but doing something for the well-being of the one you love.

When we receive positive words we are far more likely to reciprocate.

Use kind words.

If we are to develop an intimate relationship, we need to know each other’s desires.
If we wish to love each other, we need to know what the other person wants.

Make a list of seven positive qualities of you spouse.

2. Quality Time

Quality time means giving someone your undivided attention. That doesn’t mean sitting on the couch watching television. It means talking, going for a walk—just the two of you.
Two types of personalities:
Babbling Brook- talks all the time

Dead Sea- just listens, takes it all in, but doesn’t talk much.

3. Receiving Gifts

A gift is something you can hold in your hand and say, “Look he/she was thinking of me.”

4. Acts of Service

Helping each other
Criticism is and ineffective way of pleading for love.
5. Physical Love

Physical touch can make or break a relationship. It can communicate hate or love.
If your spouse’s primary love language is physical touch, nothing is more important than holding her when she cries.

Write down what your primary love language?
Now, list the other 4 in order of importance.

What is your spouse’s love language?

What does your spouse do or fail to do that hurts you most deeply?

What have you most often requested of your spouse?

What would make you feel most loved?

In what way do you regularly express love to your spouse?

Play a game called “Tank Check.” On a scale of one to ten, (zero being empty)
Where is your love tank? Each you do that check and then ask, “What can I do to help you fill that tank?

Look back to your childhood. Did you feel adequately loved by your parents?
Based upon the results of your life, what impact did they have in the way you express love to your spouse?

Make a list of your parents’ failures and successes in conveying affection and positive affirmation to you. What similarities do you see in how you express affection to your spouse?

Love is a choice.

An empty love tank can be compared to running your engine without oil.
Think of ways that each of you can fill the love tank of your spouse.

Try going one day without finding or thinking of faults of your spouse.
Write down or say only the good things about your partner.

Sunflower Seeds Sprouted

I just finished the cycle of sprouting sunflower seeds. If you send me your email I will email you instructions on how to sprout these small black seeds. pattyb@q.com. They are delicious in salads, on sandwiches, or in juices.
Sunflower greens are a nutritional powerhouse packed with vitamins A, B complex, D, and E; they also contain minerals including calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and zinc. In addition to these vitamins and minerals, sunflower greens are a rich source of lecithin which helps break down fatty acids into an easily digestible water soluble form, and chlorophyll which benefits many functions within the body, including building blood supply, revitalizing tissue, calming inflammation, activating enzymes, and deodorizing the body (from Dr. Robert Young).
They would be a great item for food storage.