Monday, February 4, 2013

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Magnesium Deficiency Causes Disease

According to Dr. Norm Shealy, virtually every known disease
is associated with magnesium deficiency, including asthma, hypertension, cancer, diabetes, migraine, allergies, myocardial (h), and depression.”

Magnesium is a co-factor in activating over 300 different biochemical reactions in the body including: energy production, protein synthesis, bone formation, creation of new cells, activation of B vitamins, function and relaxation of muscles, functioning of the heart, kidneys, adrenals, and brain as well as the nervous system.

Researchers at the University of New York found that the lower the level of magnesium in the body, the higher the blood pressure.
Good sources of magnesium include fish, avocados, apples, brown rice, millet, nuts black-eyed peas, lemons, grapefruit, green leafy vegetables, and tofu.