Thursday, February 16, 2017

Don't Crush My Chips....Behaving Nicely

Don't crush my chips... I loved the talk on Root Tech today about the father, Hank Smith,  who has family rules on how to fight nicely.
1. Don't call names
2. Don't touch so...meone who doesn't want to be touched
3. No hitting, ,,,etc

....and other famil y rules.
You can express feelings and use "I" messages.
You can leave the room,

and then he took a bag of dorritos and said negative things to the bag. Then he squeezed the bag of chips and crushed a chip for every negative thing he said...Then he would hold the bag up and say the bag looks okay on the outside, but inside there are crushed chips People are like that.....on the outside they look okay, but inside they are hurting.
So they have a saying in their family...."Don't crush my chips...." when they feel hurt.