Monday, August 30, 2010


David is just now recovering from E-coli. It was a two-week bout of high tmeperatures--102 to 103. Hot sweats, cold chills, no appetite, bed rest. Each day I wondered if we would have to admit him to the hospital but he didn't want to go. I pushed liquids and mineral and green drinks.He was on antibiotics for over a week when the doctors office called and told him the medication he was on did not work for E-coli. They put him on a new round of antibiotics but by that time he had white spots on his tongue (yeast). He lost 8 pounds, but is now among the living again.

My friend, who owns a health food store, said that the mixture of wormwood, cloves and black walnut can help get rid of E-coli. This was interesting to me because this was the combination I took when I had parasites in my blood and body. At the same time, I had liver cancer. I had been to a health food store where I had microscopy done to check my blood. On the enlarged screen, I saw a lot of little creatures swimming around in my blood. When I talked to my doctor about this, he said there was no such thing as parasites in the blood. When I found another doctor who did microscopy, he told me that I had more parasites in my blood stream than anyone he had ever tested. After three months on the wormwood combination the parasites were gone, but I continued to take it for more than a year.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Grandchildren Love You Despite Your Flaws

My two-year old grandson, Paxton, likes to check me over when I go to visit. Like a horse trader who is about to buy a new horse, he opens my mouth to see if I have any missing teeth. I do. He tells me about it. He checks my eyes and pulls on my ears.
He gently runs his finger over wrinkles on my face. He pulls on moles and a small skin tag below my neck.

His eyes are so good he doesn't miss a thing. Still, with all my blemishes and signs of aging, he loves me just the same,