Saturday, March 25, 2017

Confusion about Inflamation & Autoimmune

 In his book, "Life Changing Foods," Anthony William writes about the confusion about inflamtion and auto immune disease. Some understabd this o mean the body is attacking itself. . The term autoimmune is is a mistake. In Greek, "Auto,'means 'self" so the word is that your immune system is attacking your own self. Truth is, the body never attacks itself. It attacks pathogens because the immune system is going after an invader such as a ...virus, or other herpetic viruses or in some cases certain bacteria.
When inflamation isn't the result of an injury, it is also the result of a pathogenic invader. For example, in colitis, the shingles virus burrows deep into the lining of the colon, which prompts the immune system to try and fend off the Microorganisms.
Triggers for autoimmune disease are direct fuel to viruses already present in a person's system. Any antibody activity is your immune system actively attacking a pathogen, not your own body.

My Recovery from Liver Cancer

I believe in God not because someone told me but because I have experienced his love & tender mercy in my own life.
After five years of feeling like I had the drop-dead flu and my debilitating battle with chronic fatigue, I finally recovered and then shortly after that found out I had liver cancer...small growth, but it was there. I knew, and my medical doctor knew I could not do chemotherapy.You can read about my recovery from chronic fatigue at
After my diagnosis of liver cancer, I thought I was going to die and decided I would spend the rest of my life writing letters to our children and doing genealogy. It was while I was at a Church family history center where I had gone to sign up to do family history, that I noticed a large portrait of the Savior hanging in the foyer. Seeking peace, I was attracted to the portrait and His image. There was no one else around so I paused to look into His eyes in the portrait thinking I was going to die. It was then I heard a voice within me-- His me by name and say, "You are going to be okay."
That was 23 years ago. It brought me great peace and I was okay

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Prompting from Holy Ghost Saved My Sons' Life

 When my son, Ryan was a teenager he had an accident on his bike. He was riding down a hill
when a car ran a stop light and pulled in front of him and as he pulled on the brakes of the bike the seat of the bike walloped him
on the back and he shot through the air and landed on the grass next to the curb. My husband drove to pick him up.
When he walked downstairs he was very pale. He clutched his left ribs and headed straight for his bed. ...I asked if he wanted to go to the doctor. He insisted that he just wanted to go to sleep and he pulled the cover over his head. “I don’t have any broken bones, I’m not bleeding.” He insisted.
As I walked up the stairs, I felt impressed to call the doctor. The nurse didn’t take it too seriously since he wasn’t bleeding or didn’t have any broken bones. But when I said I’d just take him to the hospital she had the doctor on the phone in a few minutes. I was surprised at the words that came out of mouth. “I think he has a ruptured spleen.”
When they took x-rays at the hospital, he did have a ruptured spleen.
If the Holy Ghost had not prompted me, Ryan would have been dead by morning.

I am so grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost that has comforted and guided me so many times in my life. I want to testify that I know the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth, that the Book of Mormon is indeed the word of God, that Joseph Smith was a prophet and we have a prophet on the earth today, and that we are ALL children of God here on a divinely appointed earthly mission.

Candida and alcoholism frequently occur together and perpetuate one another.

Candida and alcoholism frequently occur together and perpetuate one another. It is unclear in some cases, which came first, the chicken or the egg; however, were you find one, you often find the other. This is due to the fact that yeast overgrowth can result in cravings for alcohol and the consumption of alcohol encourages the proliferation of yeast.

The following link discusses a  holistic approach to treating alcoholism.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Don't Crush My Chips....Behaving Nicely

Don't crush my chips... I loved the talk on Root Tech today about the father, Hank Smith,  who has family rules on how to fight nicely.
1. Don't call names
2. Don't touch so...meone who doesn't want to be touched
3. No hitting, ,,,etc

....and other famil y rules.
You can express feelings and use "I" messages.
You can leave the room,

and then he took a bag of dorritos and said negative things to the bag. Then he squeezed the bag of chips and crushed a chip for every negative thing he said...Then he would hold the bag up and say the bag looks okay on the outside, but inside there are crushed chips People are like that.....on the outside they look okay, but inside they are hurting.
So they have a saying in their family...."Don't crush my chips...." when they feel hurt.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Nutrition for Muscle & Joint Pain and alternatives for pain relief

Dr. James Balch in his book "Nutritional Healing," recommends these supplements if you have muscle or joint pain or have injured a ligament.
MSM - 500 to 1000 mg three times a day. reduces pain and inflammation for joint and tissue repair....
Bromelain: 400 mg three times a day between stimulates production of prostglandins & reduces inflammation.
Calcium 1000 to 1500 mg a day and use plant based calcium
(other calcium can build up in your arteries)
Magnesium 700 to 100 mg daily...very important
Curcumin....600 mg three times daily...reduces inflammation and aids in healing.
DMG as directed on label . increases tissue regeneration
Essential fatty acids, Omega 3's as directed on label.--speeds recovery
Manganese...15 mg daily...strengthens wounded ligaments and tendons
Potassium 99 mg daily vital for tissue repair
Multi-vitamin & mineral
Vitamin B complex
Vitamin C for tissue repair
Silica 500 daily needed for tissue repair and helps calcium absorption.
Vitamin D-3Seven

My doctor recommends Vitamin K also as prescribed on the bottle.
Vitamin K is available in green vegetables. Consume juices from raw green vegetables.
Boswellia is an herb good for reducing inflamation.
There are many integrative and traditional treatments for pain. Some may choose physical therapy, accupressure or accupunture with cupping, massage, ointments...osteopathy, hypnosis, self hypnosis, qi-Gong, energy medicine, electiric stimulators (on Amazon) emotion/body code (check out healer's library for practitioners, ozone therapy...are options.
Pain control using deep breathing or self hypnosis is helpful
My Journey with Emotion Code…/my-fasciating-journ…
Seven steps to reducing pain & stress.…/my-fasciating-journ…
I like the book, :Chronic Pain Solution," your personal path to pain relief, by Dr Dillard. There are many other books you can find on line.
I think it is also important to try some form of exercise when you have an injury. Consult your physician of physical therapist. Inactivty builds up lactic acid in the body and will cause more pain. If you can't afford massage, have a relative give you a massage. Check out Dr. Stephen E. West in his book "The Golden Seven Plus Two." He recommends lymphasizing which involves deep breathing. Dr. West says most pain is lack of oxygen. He states that when you sit on a hard chair for a while you realize it stops circulation. Deep breathing helps move the blood around and it becomes more oxygenated.
See More
I am certified in the Emotion Code and have completed more than 140 sessions of releasing trapped emotions. So, what are trapped…|By Patty Butts

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Defeating Depression

Prevent Suicide
God’s love is there for you whether or not you feel you deserve love. It is simply always there.” Thomas S. Monson
Depression can be caused by anger you turn in on yourself, loss...loss of love, loss of control in your life...almost any loss, feeling guilty and feeling trapped.
There are also many chemical imbalances that can cause depression. It can begin in your gut....
Fish oil is the number one supplement "The Omega 3 Connection " recommends. I like Barlean's liquid lemon swirl. It tastes like lemon pie. 3 tablespoons a day.
If you are in a panic, I like Rescure Remedy, a Bach flower remedy.
Next, I like probiotics and I also like magnesium.
If you are not on antidepressants you may want to check out Zembrin.
Consult a Naturopath or D.O for natural remedies.
Google the candida questionnaire to see if you have candida. Neem pills help get rid of is a major player in chronic fatigue and also depression, anxiety and insomnia.
Exercise can help to dispel depression....Laughter can help,
Say "Cheese, " even a phony smile can raise your endorphins.
Write down what you are grateful for.
Do things for others.
You can buy my book used on Amazon for just pennies. "Defeating Depression & Beating the Blues." by Pat Webb

I love this Qi gong exercise on YouTube, only 13 minutes long.

For anxiety, Look around you, find five things you can see, four things you can hear, 3 things you can touch, and two things you can taste.

Check out the July 2016 blogs for more information on overcoming depression.
Consider finding an Emotion Code/Body code practitioner on Healer's Library.
Do light therapy. Walk in the sunshine. Sing.