Saturday, October 2, 2010

Co Q 10--quinol for Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

I took part of the following message from a CFIDS/Fibro patient on the Daily Strength support groups. I think that CFIDS support groups can help each other:
"CoQ10 and CoQ-Quinol, are one and the same. However, the naturopath clinic i go to stocks CoQ-Quinol in liquid form which appears to be more effective, and the CoQ10 are in tablet form, which from what I have gleaned are good for maintenance once one is on the journey of recovery. My naturopath said that when CFS is severe, the tablets are unable to do whatever it is to penetrate the cells effectively, whereas the liquid can penetrate the cells without any assistance on their part. (
I am trying not to get too excited because the improvement may only last as long as I am taking this very expensive supplement., but it is difficult to put words to how the color has returned to my life. It feels like a lead ball has been unshackled from my ankle and concrete has been removed from my head.

For several days now I have managed to go about my workday without wanting to cry from the exhaustion and body pain. I no longer feel the need to sleep in my car during my lunchbreak.

It is so good. However, I am being realistic in that it may not last or it may only last as long as I am taking the product. But for now, the relief is exquisite."

At least four other CFIDS patients said that the liquid CO Q 10 has helped them. Another patient wrote, " I started taking CO Q 10(in pill form) with my morning meds and feel it is helping me with energy. I recently went to a seminar that Dr. Daniel Clauw (FM researcher that proved FM causes more pain in the brain than those without FM). He works with scientific results. The supplements he said does show good results in FM sufferers were: Magnesium, Co Q-10, Vit.D 3 and (500-1000 elemental magnesium)."
DMG is also a helpful supplement.

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Patty Butts said...

I don't know if sublingual Co Q-10 will be as effective as the liquid form but I buy my sublingual Co Q-10 from DaVinci Labratories. I am going to check on line to see if anyone else offers a sublingual CO Q 10.