Sunday, January 16, 2011

Grandparents Visitation

I received this email this morning from a grandmother of a move-away-mom.
"My son is heart broken. His ex-wife took the kids and moved to another state. When my son phones and tries to talk to his son my grandson says, "I'm lost, I'm lost". It rips my son's heart out."

For a while my son and grandson lived with us. As I walk through my home and see the puzzles, the books, and the toys that Mathew used to play with, I cry. I wonder when and if I will see him again. I miss him and his exuberant energy.

While in the grocery store the other day I was startled to see a little boy who looked like Mathew and I started to cry.


Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Did you get my message about contacting Mercurion Suladdin? She a friend, and on my FB page. She is very knowledgeable about custody battles, father's rights, and has access to lots of links and websites etc. Lots of stories. Check her out!

mira said...

I cried every day for months when something similar happened to me last fall over a simple misunderstanding. It's been devastating, and still is. I started a blog,, to give a voice to my own heartache and that of other grandparents, and leave a message to my grandchildren: I do love you, and it isn't your fault, it's not ever your fault. Children need grandparents, imperfect as they may be, as much as grandparents need grandchildren.