Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Elderberry Extract for the Flu

Last September,on the Dr Oz show, he said that if you think you were exposed to the flu, then start taking 4 TB of elderberry extract immediately. You should take 4 TB for three days, and the Elderberry will actually help to reduce the duration of the flu as well as reduce your chances of getting the flu.

Flu Fighter #2: Rubbing Alcohol
Dr Oz said that viruses can live for up to 8 hours on inanimate objects, so look for a bottle of rubbing alcohol with a 50% concentration. You will often see the words Ethanol or Isopropyl on the bottles as well and Dr Oz said both are fine. You can clean surfaces or inanimate objects with the rubbing alcohol to kill the viruses and germs.

He also said that germs and viruses can travel up to ten feet when you cough or sneeze. Cover your mouth.
In addition, grapefruit seed extract pills and or olive leaf pills can fight virus, bacteria and yeast. Garlge with salt water.
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