Monday, August 13, 2012

I have Osteoporosis

I Have Osteoporosis

Just this week I found out I have Osteoporosis. Who knew? I eat almost no sugar and pretty low carbs. However, that was not always true. As a child I lived on sugar. Sugar sandwiches on white bread. Yuck!

On one corner of our street we had a root beer stand where we daily bought two-penny mugs of frosted root beer. On the other corner Fat's Service Station and he had the best selection of penny candy in town and we could eat all of the candy we could buy--which was a lot. At age nine I learned to make fudge--straight sugar mixed with cocoa, and in addition, peanut brittle which was usually straight sugar without peanuts. My siblings loved it. Two ended up with Stage I diabetes and it was probably my fault.

But, to build our bone density we exercised a lot, mainly by jumping off the shed in the backyard with Superman capes. Yes, we thought we could fly.

My sugar gulping days didn't end there. As a teenager I lived on candy bars and my mother worked at a donut factory. We had donuts for all three meals. Even after marriage I continued to bake brownies and cakes. When I was in my thirties I had arthritis so severe I could hardly walk and every bone in my body ached. My doctor tried to persuade me to give up sugar, but I thought, "Who are you kidding? Do you know who you are talking too?"

Finally, because of the pain, I gave up the sugar. No more sugar, no more pain and no arthritis. However, I continued to have substantial stress--okay, tons of stress that made my body acidic. Better bones like an alkaline envirionment. For my doctorate degree in Holistic Nutrition, "Better Bones, Better Body," by Susan Brown, was part of the curriculum. An alkaline diet, lots of green vegetables, promotes
bone growth. Read my article on how I lost ten pounds in ten days. It is the perfect diet for osteoporosis and I have already been on it a month.

Another reason I have Osteoporosis is because I have a growth on my parathyroid which is so deterimental to bone density. I put off surgery for too long and am now planning surgery.

What else could I do. I had been doing a Younga Yoga for a month, jumping on a minitramp, and some cardio. My doctor recommended a personal trainer and I found that I was already doing many of the exercises she trainer recommended. The next thing I did was sign up at our community spa and they have lots of weight training machines, so I am starting a five day a week weight training regimine.

I met with my friend who owns a Health Food Store and found what I think are the ideal supplements to build bone density (besides smy diet of green drinks--juicing cucumber, celery and spinach, avacado shakes, and green soups and chlorophyl).

Supplements include, Nature's Way, Alive Calcium, and A. Vogel's Calcium Asorption Formula, and Ipriflavone (bone support formula). In addition, I take silica, Cal.Phos. 6x.

Remember, too much of the wrong kind of calcium can have side effects.

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