Friday, November 9, 2012

Loving Yourself, Using NLP

What is NLP (Neuro-Liguistic Programing)?
It is a model for excellence helping clients to choose more options for their behavior to effectively expand and enrich their lives and make life more worth living. It is not counseling.
There is magic that occurs in the human brain and neurology system. NLP patterns can transform toxic states of self-contempt, loneliness, boredom, despair, boredom, anxiety, etc.
Early pioneers in NLP viewed the human brain like an information processing unit on a computer that
can be programmed with programs for thinking, behaving, etc., NLP patterns give step-by-step instructions on how to run our own brains.
At times we behave and speak in ways that do not demonstate healthy self love, self acceptance and self-respect.
This pattern is designed to strengthen the ego and enhance self esteem and is taken from the book "The Sourcebook of Magic," by Michael Hall and Barbara Belnap.

1. Think of a model of Loving.
Find a comfortable place where you can relax.
Allow your mind to think about someone who has loved you intensely, even if it occurred for only a moment.

2. Describe the loving model.
Take a deep breath and blow it out.Repeat his several times.
What are the qualities and attributes of the person that gave this love and care?
How would you fully describe it?
As you experience the full sense in that person loving you, why does he or she love you? What else is there
that faciltated this love?

3.Take the position of the person who loved you.
For just a moment, imagine you are floating into the body of the person who loves you. Once you step into that position, imagine looking out at you from that position.As you do, begin to describe the "you" that this person sees... And what does that person see that calls for this wonderful love and care?

What are some of the things that this person loves about you?

How do you feel as you watch and feel this person loving and appreciating you from this position?

What words does or would this person use in describing the inner loving feelings toward you?

How do you look when you see yourself through the eyes of someone who loves you?

Allow yourself to become aware of how looking at yourself lovingly from anothers point of view enriches the experince of knowing yourself as a loveable person.

4. Anchor the feeling of being loved. Place your hand over your heart and fill your heart with love. Hold it there as long as you can. In the future, whenever yuo have doubts, place your hand over your heart, take seveal deep breaths and feel that love.

5.Now step back into your own body and self and feel the love sent to you by this person who really loves you. Place your hand on your heart and feel this tremendous love.

Now, hear what you say to yourself when you enter into the presence of someone who really loves you. What do you see and feel as you look out your eyes knowing this complete love and acceptance?

6. Place your hand over your heart and feel this love.
How does it feel?

Do you have all of those feelilngs of love and feeling loveable in your body?

Take in all of this new information about yourself so it enriches your sense of self.

7. What if you take this into your future? At work, home and in relationships?

Repeat affirmations:
I deserve love just for being myself.
I am a child of God on a divinely appointed earthly mission.

Place you hand over your heart and take this into your future and bring this loving feeling back every time you place your hand over your heart.
Now fill your heart with someone you love, hold it as long as possible and feel this love flow from your heart into your entire body until you are filled with love not only for others, but for yourself.

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Vironika Tugaleva said...

This is a great pattern. Reminds me of a hypnosis tape I once listened to called 'Through the eyes of love'. Thank you for sharing!