Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Zembrin, Plant based anti-depressant

. Calming and Cognitive effects of Zembrin. I have reports from users of a brand new herbal compound named Zembrin that shows almost instant positive ...results on stress, mood, coping and quality of sleep. Zembrin is a herb called Sceletium tortuosum and has 300 years of indigenous use and safety. Many times nutrition works so slowly that some users give up on a product before it has had time to show effects but in regard to Zembrin, this is definitely not the case. Studies done using double blind placebo controlled on 16 healthy participants using MRI showed the amygdala of the brain responded very favorable to one dose of Zembrin within 2 hours. I have received extremely positive feedback from the initial users of Zembrin and look forward to it being a very usable herb for those of us who need help in the area of stress management.
For scientific information on the studies on Zembrin, log onto:…/journal/vaop/…/full/npp2013183a.html

 Ed Jones

Dr. Butts comment:  I have seen severe depression reverse in a couple of days when patient took four capsules a day for several days.  However, I would start with one or two. I think this is so much better than an SSRI without the side effects.

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