Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Did Probiotics Cure My Chronic Fatigue?

Chronic Fatigue
Taken from a post in Health Rising
Did Probioitcs Help Cure My Chronic Fatigue?
    In this article by Carol Wolf, who suffered from chronic fatigue for more than 20 years, she began taking massive doses of probiotics and gained her energy and life back. You can read about this at
I thought this was a very interesting article because after I made the rounds of doctors for 5 years trying to get help for my Chronic fatigue, I finally found a doctor who helped me. During my illness I I felt like I had the drop-dead flu and that I was beating a dead horse just trying to get out of bed, The doctor  put me on diflucan for candida. It worked. I recovered. You can read about it on my blog or my book on amazon, "Free yourself from Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia," Blog is
   As a nutritional consultant I have seen and believe that so many illnesses and depression begin in the gut. Carol's use of probiotics supports that theory.
It has been over twenty years since I recovered and my passion has been to help others recover. Now, to conquer chronic fatigue and fibromyaglagia I would use Neem pills to get rid of candida because diflucan can damage kidney's. After doing research, I found almost everyone with ME/CFS

had candida. Next, I  would have a genetic test for MTHFR because that mutation can prevent the liver from detoxifying and many people who have ME/CFS have this mutation. I would do Body/Emotion code to release trapped emotions. I would do Elan light therapy because it detoxifies the body and I would eat an alkaline diet and take probiotics.

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