Monday, May 15, 2017

Why I Don't Use Lead Paint Anymore

It has been nearly 50 years since I painted my grandmother's bathroom with a moss-green colored paint. I was a young mother and my son played in the living room as I painted, not knowing I was using a lead-based paint in a closed room.
I felt light headed as I drove home but just thought I was tired. I fell alseep quickly that night and was awakened to an incredible terrifying feeling of panic, I could feel my spirit being pulled out of my body and I was bound down. I could not move a muscle, I could not say anything or make any sound.I wanted to cry out but could not. I could see my head on the pillow, but could not help myself. Then it came to me and in my mind's eye I saw myself raising my hand to the square and in the name of the Lord I dismissed the spirit that had bound me down. Immediately my spirit returned to my body and I felt an incredible...spiritual light fill the room and fill me with peace and amazing Christ-like love.

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