Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Recovery from CFIDS/FIBRO, Questions & Answers

Questions about my recovery from CFIDS

Patty thanks for taking the time to encourage us in this CFS group and answer the following questions.

1, Patty what was the severity of your CFS (how severe, how long) and how did you recover from CFS?
Ans. Almost every day I felt like I had the drop-dead flu. My bones, muscles, feet
ached. I was dizzy, sometimes had insomnia, sometimes could sleep for two days straight, I had problems with my memory and also had brain fog. I had irritable bowel, gas, problems with my esophagus, digestive problems, sore throat and ear aches... My lymph nodes ached, etc…I was depressed
My doctor wanted to give me disability but I wouldn’t take it. Who can live on disability?
I wanted to get better and I told my doctor, “I either want to get better or I want to die” that’s how sick I was. My Chronic Fatigue and Fibro lasted four dreadful years. I was better for several years, but when my husband died it flared up again but not as bad and this time for only about a year. That was ten years ago. .

2. What do you think triggered your CFS?

The number one thing was probably stress. I was working as a school counselor and my husband and I put two families with five teenagers together. The other thing was sugar. I had been on a diet where I consumed only fruit in the morning, not knowing that I had candida and the sugar in most fruit is like pouring gasoline on a fire for candida. Candida multiplies rapidly when any kind of sugar or fruit is consumed...

3. Did you have a special diet, routine, drugs, drinks, medications, supplements etc?

Ans. I finally found a doctor who discovered I had candida and put me on diflucan. That was the beginning of my recovery, but candida is not easy to get rid of and my change to an alkaline diet was really the answer to recovery. I drank lots of green drinks, juiced, took supplements like MSM for inflammation and joint pain, magnesium and calcium, Co Q 10, had vitamin B 12 shots, homeopathics for candida, and now take Vitamin D 3 and DMG... I also took grate fruit seed extract and Olive leaf, which kills bacteria, virus and yeast. I didn’t take them together and not always on the same day.
I also take fish oil, which is an anti-inflammatory..

Al: “I'm so pleased for you that you have recovered. It gives hope.”

4. What limits do you have now?

Patty: I really have no limits except for diet. I don’t eat sugar and I am on a vegan diet but do eat fish. I jump on a mini-tramp almost every day.

5. What are the benefits from your CFS experience?
How has it changed you?

Patty: It had made me more compassionate. I have a passion to help others recover. It has made me more diligent about diet, because I never want to go through that again. I do not feel deprived because I don’t eat sugar or meat. When there is a choice of the pain and discomfort of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, I would change my diet again and again. I am so grateful for my health now.


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