Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Remarkable Improvement in Autism

My grandson has been diagnosed with borderline autism. He is 3 and a-half-years-old and has been struggling with speech and concentration. He would also get very agitated. He has an adopted sister who is nine months younger and she has been communicating and talking in sentences for over a year. Two months ago my daughter put them on a sugar-free, gluten free diet. In addition, she has given them DMG, Ionic trace minerals, and chewable fish oil.

Today they came to visit us and we had not seen them for several weeks. I was surprised to see how well my grandson was talking and talking in sentences. He was able to match alphabet letters. He was calmer and able to carry on a conversation. I was amazed at the improvement.

Read more about this on my blog about DMG and autism.

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