Sunday, October 25, 2015

Apostle Shows Up at Church

At Stake Conference today, a speaker spoke about having an incredible crisis in their life, a soul racking trial. Their ward was supportive and kind but he said he and his wife did not want to come face-to -face with this trial and talked about going to another ward that day. However after some consideration they went to their own ward. A few minutes later, one of our beloved apostles walked into the church which is extremely unusual. As the apostle spoke that day, Brother Payne (not his real name) said that he knew he was speaking to them. At the conclusion of the meeting, the apostle approached Brother Payne and asked if he could hug his wife. He hugged my wife and then me. Later he wrote us a wonderful letter and told us he would pray for us. It was a great comfort and I knew the Lord was watching over us in our trial and in God's way there are no coincidences.
It reminds me of the song, "Fear not I am with thee, or be not dismayed,..."

Another story talked about Nanny McPhee and how she told the children when they didn't want her around she would be there. When they did want her around , she would not be there. As the children improved their behavior Nanny McPhee lost her warts and became beautiful. The children became pleasant...

Unlike Nanny McPhee, the Lord will always be there for us, good behavior, bad behavior, warts, no warts...he will be there and help us overcome the crisis in our life.

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