Tuesday, August 23, 2016

On the Border of Mexico

My daughter-in-law posted this on August 23,2016
My husband is doing a special mission for a few  agencies near the border today. I came down and got quite an education last night about our Open Border policy. They are building schools faster here than anywhere in the country. No one really knows the actual population of these border cities. Anyone caught is basically "welcomed in" issued a ticket to return 60 days later in court, plenty of services available until court date ...which 90% NEVER show for. McAllen is dangerous to drive in with 1,000's of unlicensed drivers who don't/ can't read the street signs or understand our laws. One of the US Government Border Patrol workers became very ill and went into the ER with health insurance and the hospital staff said we are so full with non citizens we are not going to be able to help you for a few days, we have no beds available. The "coyotes" are paid to transport illegals through the border. They screen out the young beautiful girls (as young as 13/14) and they are sold into escort service rings throughout the country. Others less beautiful are sold as work slaves. We live in a great country, but there MUST be a better way to get a handle on this. Screen & kick out the criminals, coyotes, drug dealers, and allow only the honest people looking for a better life an opportunity to earn citizenship through legal work service programs. Teach them our country's history and culture and work ethics, gain self respect, and be a contributor to society. Every one of my Hispanic friends are the most hard working, honest, family oriented people I know. (It's those bad apples running the show with criminal activities that need to be swiftly addressed.)

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