Sunday, August 17, 2008

Depression and Medication

After writing the blog on depression, I thought it best to add a caution. If you are on prescription medication for bipolar disorder, don't ever go off medication quickly. You need a doctor's help and advice before going off medication. As a counselor I have seen too many patients stop their medication immediately and become suicidal. Fish oil will enhance the effectiveness of some medication (The Omega 3 Connection). An alkaline diet and some nutrients will help relieve symptoms of bipolar and depression, but that doesn't happen overnight. Consult your physician.
If you are not on medication, some doctors recommend supplements and diet. Dr. Carl C Pfeiffer, an expert in orthomolecular psychiatry, author of "Nutrition and Mental Illness," did extensive research into nutrition and mental illness and treated more than 25,000 patients successfully. They did blood work on patients, checked the thyroid and other significant factors to determine what a patient needed to recover.
In his book, "Natural Prozac," Dr. Joel Robertson, a doctor of pharmacolgy has other recommendations.

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