Saturday, March 25, 2017

My Recovery from Liver Cancer

I believe in God not because someone told me but because I have experienced his love & tender mercy in my own life.
After five years of feeling like I had the drop-dead flu and my debilitating battle with chronic fatigue, I finally recovered and then shortly after that found out I had liver cancer...small growth, but it was there. I knew, and my medical doctor knew I could not do chemotherapy.You can read about my recovery from chronic fatigue at
After my diagnosis of liver cancer, I thought I was going to die and decided I would spend the rest of my life writing letters to our children and doing genealogy. It was while I was at a Church family history center where I had gone to sign up to do family history, that I noticed a large portrait of the Savior hanging in the foyer. Seeking peace, I was attracted to the portrait and His image. There was no one else around so I paused to look into His eyes in the portrait thinking I was going to die. It was then I heard a voice within me-- His me by name and say, "You are going to be okay."
That was 23 years ago. It brought me great peace and I was okay

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