Saturday, March 25, 2017

Confusion about Inflamation & Autoimmune

 In his book, "Life Changing Foods," Anthony William writes about the confusion about inflamtion and auto immune disease. Some understabd this o mean the body is attacking itself. . The term autoimmune is is a mistake. In Greek, "Auto,'means 'self" so the word is that your immune system is attacking your own self. Truth is, the body never attacks itself. It attacks pathogens because the immune system is going after an invader such as a ...virus, or other herpetic viruses or in some cases certain bacteria.
When inflamation isn't the result of an injury, it is also the result of a pathogenic invader. For example, in colitis, the shingles virus burrows deep into the lining of the colon, which prompts the immune system to try and fend off the Microorganisms.
Triggers for autoimmune disease are direct fuel to viruses already present in a person's system. Any antibody activity is your immune system actively attacking a pathogen, not your own body.

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