Monday, April 17, 2017

We are children of God

We are spirit children of God and could not progress without obtaining a body. We had to come to earth to gain a body and knew we would have to face trials here on earth. Just as diamonds are forged and polished with trials and adversity, we knew we would face trials and chose to do so. We were promised if we did this well we could obtain eternal life. We were eager to do this and some chose more trials than others. We are children of God on a divinely appointed earthly mission...n and that mission was assigned to us by God. He has promised He will not leave us comfortless and He would guide us and help us. He has promised us peace....not as the world giveth peace, but as He can give. He loves each of us....reach out and touch hold of the hem of the garment of Christ and feel virtue (healing) flow through you. If you are depressed or ill, visualize doing this.

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