Friday, September 5, 2008

CFIDS--Vaccinations, Flu Shots

I just read an article from the New York Times that questions flu shots for the elderly. A study by Michael L. Jackson in the Lancet medical journal, called into question much of the statistical evidence for the vaccine’s effectiveness. A growing number of immunologists and epidemiologists say the vaccine probably does not work well for people over 70.
A have never had a flu shot and have never had the flu, while everyone around me who had the shots became ill. I am not saying that is true of everyone. It’s a personal decision.
At the time I had Chronic Fatigue, and even after, my doctor told me not to have any vaccinations, because my immune system was too fragile.
I have concerns about individuals with CFIDS/FMS having vaccinations. I was coaching a 17-year old teenager that had been desperately ill with CFIDS/FMS and
was exhausted all the time, but then she changed to an alkaline diet and supplements and improved dramatically. She was able to go back to work, go to school, lost weight, was happy again—the change was amazing. Then, as she was about to go off to college, her doctor gave her the cervical cancer vaccine containing gardasil. Within a few days she had terrific pains in her stomach, her mouth broke out with white blisters, and she was more ill than she had ever been and ended up in the hospital for a week. Doctor’s couldn’t determine the cause, or didn’t discuss the possible cause.
Here is a brief excerpt from an article in the Post by SUSAN EDELMAN and BRUCE GOLDING
July 6, 2008 —
GARDASIL - a new cervical-cancer vaccine heavily marketed to young girls in ubiquitous ads on TV and in movie theaters - is under investigation for possible links to paralysis, seizures, and 18 deaths.
Federal health officials have logged 8,000 “adverse events” in girls and women injected with the Merck & Co. vaccine introduced two years ago, more than 500 of them from New York.
Check out this link for mor information.


Joyce Ellen Davis said...

What do you think of the advice to drink 1/4 - 1/2 tsp baking soda in a glass of water to help your acidic system become more alkaline?

Jo said...

This is quite scary, as my daughter has already had the vaccine! Can it also cause her to be mean!

Jo said...

Also is chronic fatigue a seperate illness from fibromyalgia? Just wondering cause you always speak of the two together!