Tuesday, October 28, 2008


How we think determines how we feel, and how we feel often determines our actions. By developing positive self-talk, we can conquer our negative feelings.

1. Laughing, humor and love are all positive parts of my life.
2. Prosperity now comes into my life.
3. I really like myself.
4. I freely forgive all people and embrace them.
5. I am calm, serene, and have peace of mind.
6. All my thoughts are loving and happy.
7. My positive thoughts give me strength, happiness and peace.
8. My life runs smoothly at all times.
9. Help and support are always available to me when I need them.
10. I have all of the positive power I need to take charge of my life.
11. I enjoy serenity.
12. I can clearly see all of the beauty surrounding me.
13. I am overcoming all obstacles.
14. I am creating my own happiness; no one else can create it for me.
15. I am joyfully happy.
16. I have the energy, time, and wisdom to make my world a happy place.
17. I fill myself with love and light with each breath I take.
18. I enjoy a beautiful world.
19. I am releasing all the anger and frustration in my life.


Jo said...

Very wise mantras to live by Patty, thanks for the reminder. You really give some great advise!

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Hi, Jo! Glad to see you here! Hi, Pat! What's cookin'?