Thursday, October 30, 2008

David is off to India

My husband, Daivd is off to India tomorrow. It's one of his many business trips around the world. He has traveled to over a hundred countries and worked in 36. He was in China during the Tiananmen Square Massacre. Tiananmen means "gate of heavenly peace." It was in Beijing, China when they awarded him an honorary doctoral degree. Still, he is as down to earth as dirt.
While in Egypt he had dinner with then, King Hussein. Dinner included a huge platter of food with a goats head in the center. Everyone ate with their fingers.
It has been about eight years since I traveled with him to Botswana and South Africa. There is more to tell--much more--but another time.
I will miss him while he is gone.


Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Ah! You (and he) are such interesting people to know! I am glad to be counted among your friends!

beggertsen said...

You guys are brave. Honestly I would be scared to leave the U.S. at all.