Friday, October 17, 2008

Pickles on the Porch

My grandson, who just turned two, is adding new words to his vocabualry every day.
Today, as I talked to him on the phone he said to me, "Pickles on the Porch."
I didn't quite understand this message so asked my daughter, "Pickles on the porch?"
She laughed, "He can't say "pumkins" yet, so he calls them pickles."


Jo said...

This is so cute Patty, I have two nephews who just turned 2 last month! The way they say their words, and pick up words is amazing! Thanks for the smile.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Hehe. Jo, I am so glad you have become acquainated with my friend Pat! You are BOTH such great people, and I am delighted to know you BOTH!