Sunday, October 4, 2009

Alkaline Diet

I just received the question: "What did you eat to aid you in your recovery from CFIDS and Fibromyaliga?
Patty's answer:
I occassionaly eat fish, but I eat more tofu, vegiie or almondrella cheese, almond butter, tofu sour cream and cream cheese, instead of meat. Meat is very acidic and they also feed beef antibiotics and hormones which all feed candida. I eat lots of vegetables, very little fruit.
I eat fresh tomatoes, lemons, limes, grapefruit (almost every day), avocadoes, millet, quinoa (both are high in protein), almond milk, soy milk, rice milk, coconut milk and oil, rice crackers, almonds, sunflower and pumkin seeds, pine nuts, sprouts, etc., I buy Ezkiel Sprouted tortillas at the health food stores and make wraps filled with veggies, like tomatoes, hummus, romaine lettuce. sprouts, onions, jicama, or veggie cheese, or feta cheese, or tofu cream cheese, (you could add cucumbers, sliced carrots, green, red or yellow peppers) spinach leaves or anything else you want.

I make my own soups, sometimes buying the Pacific brand of veggie broth and then adding lightly steamed vegetables. I like black beans and beets on top of romaine lettuce and topped off with fresh salsa (made with lemon juice) and glacamole.

I never go hungry and do not feel deprived. When going out to dinner I order a salad or a vegetable tray, or sometimes a sweet potato.

I do stir-fry, using tofu instead of meat. I sometimes juice my own green juice and have much more energy when I do. One of my mainstays has been a green drink with alkaline drops. I now use a powered green drink I buy online from AlkaVision and their Plasma pH Drops. If I were to buy one supplement it would be the green powder that I add to distilled water and Plasma pH drops that I add to that drink. I have tried other drinks and drops, but AlkaVision is the most reasonable price, and has no spirulina, chlorella (they are a fungus).

Hope this will help.

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Jo A. T.B. said...

These are all interesting foods Patty. I often thought about making my own tortillas like out of wheat flour or whole grains!

I notice my body doesn't process or metabolize flour products or gluten well, and it's something I love to eat.

Patty Butts said...

Since Ezkiel Sprouted Tortillas are sprouted they are not a flour or gluten product.