Saturday, July 23, 2016

Lies About Antidepressant

Big Pharma Lies About Antidepressant
It’s one of the biggest big pharma scandals to date. Researchers recently found that a major drug company deliberately falsified data about its blockbuster antidepressant. According to a recent investigation, the drug worked no better than placebo and caused “significant harm.” Worst of all, the patients were young adolescents.
Paxil can cause suicidal tendencies in some people.
Fifteen years ago, as a consulting forensic pathologist, I be...gan to observe the connection between antidepressant drugs and suicide. Of course, antidepressants are supposed to prevent suicide, the only outcome from which a depressed patient can NEVER recover. I wrote about these connections in my book with Mike Jawer, Your Emotional Type.…

There are natural supplements for depression. Dr. Andrew Stoll recommends fish oil ...3000 mg a day. I like Barlean's liquid lemon swirl. It tastes like lemon pie. Most depression starts in the gut and is caused by what you are eating or what nutrients you are lacking.
Google some of Dr. Mercola's articles on depression. Sugar can cause depression.

from Patty,
If you are depressed, you may want to look into Zembrin, a plant based supplement for depression, anxiety and mood problems.
Do take fish oil...I like Barlean's lemon swirl....take 3000 mg a day.
Read the book, "Nutrition & Mental Illness, " by Dr. Pfeifer.
Check for high histamine.
Candida can cause a candida questionnaire or email me a and I will send you one.
Do Elan light therapy
Look into Emotion Code.

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