Friday, July 29, 2016

Seven Steps to Eliminate Pain and Stress

      Seven Steps to Eliminate Pain and Stress

By Dr. Patty Butts

     While attending a convention of workshop presentations for therapists, psychologists, and marriage counselors, I watched in amazement as about 75 professionals learned the following technique.

     Some displayed symptoms of being stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or other negative emotions or feelings. All lowered their stress level tremendously by doing this. Some overcame anxiety. Repeating this exercise over and over as needed, changes the negative neural patterns in the brain. It leads to more effective communication, lowers blood pressure, improves decision making, helps students do improve in school and develops better problem solving skills, helps panic and obsessive compulsive tendencies, and helps in solving problems. It helps get rid of negative thought patterns and replaces them with positive feelings.

    Take a short emotional vacation by using the Freeze Frame Technique explained  below. Positive emotions can help you replace negative, stressful thought patterns and feelings with more positive perceptions and emotions in the moment you need them most. It is so easy to do.


  1. When you are feeling stressed, have anxiety or panic, or are facing a problem, describe your feeling in one word. Examples could be anxious, fearful, afraid,

confused, angry, frustrated, sad, disgusted, enraged, overwhelmed, lonely, victimized or depressed.

2. Now, shift your attention to the area around your heart. Imagine yourself   breathing in through your heart—breathe in to the count of five, breathe out to the count of five. Continue doing this for several minutes.

3. Think of a positive feeling—the love you have for a child or grandchild. Try to

          experience that positive feeling and send that positive feeling or love out to        

          someone else. You may want to think of a positive experience or place where

          you have felt serenity, peace or laughter. Work on recapturing that

          feeling right now.

        4. Go back to step number two and again breathe in through your heart to the count 

             of five and then breathe out to the count of five through your solar plexus while

             still experiencing the positive feelings. 

         5. Ask yourself what would be good answer to your problem or a helpful attitude to

             balance and de-stress your mind and body.  If possible, write it down. Heart                       perceptions and intuitions are often subtle. They gently suggest effective
              solutions for you and all concerned with the problem.  

          6. Sense any change to your original stress as noted in step number one. Write it

              down and sustain the positive feeling as long as you can.

          7. Repeat these steps as often as needed.



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