Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Your Gut and Depression

"Gut and Psychology Syndrome," I like this book by Dr. Natasha Cambell McBride, especially the chapter on "The Gut-Brain Connection." Medical history has many examples of severe psychiatric conditions coming from the gut.
Kazudzo Nishi, a renowned Japanese professor, estimated that at least one in ten psychiatric conditions is due to self-intoxification coming from the bowel.
Other psychiatric conditions can be caused by nutrient deficiency and even gentetic problems such as MTHFR or those listed on another post.
I think if these conditions can be discovered in childhood, especially with children with behavior problems, we could eliminate a lot of suicides, drug addictions, and overcrowding of jails and prisons to say nothing of mental health problems.

If your child has behavior problems or ever wants to kill themself or even speaks of it, I would recommend  taking probiotics and fish oil. Then, I would have them tested for high histamine or other chemical imbalances.  Maybe use genetic testing 23-and-me to see if they have a genetic mutation, MTHFR, that prevents liver from detoxifying. I would look into counseling, emotion code and finding a practitioner to release trapped emotions, and I would also use Elan Light therapy.

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